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  5. "你不需要介绍,我认识她。"


Translation:You don't need to introduce us, I know her.

January 16, 2018



Is it because we need the object in English?


Yes, Chinese often omits subjects and objects where they must be included in English. "You don't need to introduce" is not a complete sentence in English. "Her" or "me" could also be correct, but as we do not know the context, a more general "us" is probably best.


Since there is no "us" in the Chinese phrase, a more literal English translation would be:

You don't need to make an introduction, I know her.
There is no need for an introduction, I know her.


I have to agree with you, "us" should not be the only possible translation.

[deactivated user]

    "Us" in Chinese is “我们”


    "You don't need to introduce ME, I know her." I think it is better, because in the 2nd part of the sentence there is "I" instead of "WE" .


    I wrote "her" and it was marked incorrect. So write "us"! Learn from my mistake!


    It's not your mistake, it's a mistake in this course, which is a beta course, and we're here to improve it while it's in beta by reporting omissions like this to the Duolingo team.


    WIll be neat when it leaves Beta. Never, that is.


    Also English can omit that object! "You don't need to introduce, I know her." should be accepted as well and of course "gei women" could be added in the Chinese sentence too... - It's just a bug in this cours, if the sentence is not accepted without "us"!


    This should accept "... introduce us", "... introduce me", and "... introduce her". They're all accurate translations and all perfectly natural English.


    Im more confused by english than chinese


    This is definitely not a good place to brush up on your English is it? :-)


    I have learned so much english from these chinese courses


    I wrote "You don't need to introduce me, I know her", and feel it should have been accepted.


    I answered as below - but was failed for using the male gender pronoun instead of female. Given that 他 and 她 are homophones, how was I supposed to know the female was required?



    You're right, for the listening module "他" should be accepted, but for all the others just "她".


    October 10, 2020, still not yet accepted. devs pls


    The "us" comes from I and her making 2 people you do not need to introduce us to each other, so Us is perfectly correct. This does not mean that 'me' or 'her' instead of the us is wrong. I also think is should accept I know her, you don't need to introduce us.


    Why is 你不需要介绍我认识他 not accepted? How are you supposed to know is a female?


    It should be You don't need to introduce us, I already know her, because the period is unnecessary and it 我认识她 means I already know her


    In a level 0 exercise, 'us' should not be implicit in Chinese, or it should be clarified in the hints.


    You don't need to introduce me should also be accepted as we would say this in English. For "You don't need to introduce us" it should finish "We know each other." Otherwise, both answers should be accepted. Thank you


    "No need to introduce us" would be the most natural way to say this in English.


    I agree, you introduce two people to each other, so us is more common.


    Should accept have to instead of need to as well.


    You don't need to introduce us, 你不需要介绍我们。。


    where is "us"?


    It's not right to use "us" in English translation, because in Chinese, it doesn't to show“ 我们”…… 。I've complained about it already. It always translates to Chinese styles English. So confusing...


    It sounds very unrealistic (the English.) You would replace us with yourself/him/her. Us doesn't sound right.


    As a native American English speaker, I disagree. "Introduce us" is perfectly natural.

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