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Words not updating in the Words list

Is anyone else finding the words are not updating in the list despite being typed over and over!! I now have words which it states I have not used in 2 years which is not accurate, these are words I type all the time. Other words I cannot get up in the lessons no matter how many times I repeat them, I think some would be available through the strengthen skills on the front page but they appear so rarely, it is really frustrating to see pages of words at only one bar, when many of them would be full bars if they got recognized :(

January 16, 2018



Maybe it's a bug/glitch?


It's been that way ever since they moved to the new website. I also don't know why, and yes, I find it annoying.


es nadie mas ingenioso que palabras no son avtualisados en la lista a pesar de siendo menacografiado encima y encima haora tener palabras cuale es fincasyo tengo no utilizar ni 2 años cual es preciso,ellos son esta son palabras tipo todo rl tiempo.otras palabras yo poder obtener arriba la leccion no asuntos haora mucho tiempo yo repetir ellos,yo pienso algunos harian ser disponible canal fortalecer habilidades en la frente pagina de palabras asolamente en bar,cuando muchos de ellos harian ser llenos barras si ellos ir reconocer


It's been like that for ages, plenty of people have posted about it before but Duolingo doesn't seem interested in fixing it...

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