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Discrepancies in pronunciation

I've just started the French (from English) course, and the discrepancies in pronunciation are already killing me.

The voice that reads the entire sentence pronounces words one way, but the voice that reads individual words when you hover the mouse over them pronounces them very differently.

So far in Basics 1/1 and 1/2 I've come across two different pronunciations of le, la and riche. The sentence-voice pronounces them "loo", "leh" and "ree-shar" respectively; individual-word voice pronounces them "l-", "la" and "reesh". I'm worried this is going to be an ongoing problem, and it leaves me with little confidence that I'll actually be learning to say the words properly.

I've tried to post this in the discussion threads for the specific instances, but in each case the discussion has been locked.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for providing a generally great service :)

January 16, 2018



'reesh' and 'reesh-uh' is normal variation in pronunciation. I'm at a bit of a loss to make sense of what you are hearing when you represent the definite article like that. :-/ There are some very odd recordings on this site though.


Hey Luscinda, thanks for clarifying the variation in pronunciation for riche, that's handy to know that words can be pronounced multiple ways and still mean the same thing. Regarding the definite articles, it doesn't really matter how I've attempted to spell the sound I'm hearing, I'm still hearing two different versions of la and two different versions of le, depending on whether I hover the mouse over the word or click on the speaker at the start of the sentence. I suspect the sentence read might be a computer-generated text-to-voice, which might account for it.


he solo empezado el frances(desde el ingles)curso y las discrepancias en pronunciacion son ya asecinato. La voz que leer de toda frace pronunciacion de palabras un camino pero la voz que lee individual palabras cuando tu flotan la casa encima ellos la pronunciacio es diferente. Asi que lejos un Basico1/1 y1/2He ven a traves de 2 diferentes pronunciaciones de respectivo ala individualidad-palabras y voz pronunciacion de ellos yo estoy preucupado esta yendo a ser enmarcha este mproblema y niveles con un poco de confidencialidad que todo actualmente aprendiendo dijo las palabras correctamente.

He intentado a enviar la discucion y trapos por especificar instacias pero cada caso la discuciona ha estado bloqueado Gracias por tu Tiempo y Gracias por siempre generalmente stupendo servicio:)

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