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"Today is Friday the thirteenth."

Translation:Dnes je pátek třináctého.

January 16, 2018



I got this wrong with "trínáctý." Can someone please explain why the date is in the genitive case? Will it always be genitive in this usage? Thanks!


Genitive is used for information about date. E.g. "July 4th" is "čtvrtého července". If you say "čtvrtý červenec" in nominative, it translates as "fourth july" with different meaning.


"Dnes je čtvrtý červenec" is perfectly OK in Czech and it does mean the 4th of July. However in connection with the day of the week we need the genitive.


Thanks to both of you for taking the time to reply!

I might be a little more confused, so here is my follow-up...

If I want to say TODAY IS THE FOURTH or THURSDAY IS THE FOURTH, I would say "XXX je čvrtého."

But if I want to say TODAY IS JANUARY FOURTH, or SATURDAY IS JANUARY FOURTH, I would say "XXX je čtvrtý ledna."

(Tell me if this is right or wrong, please?)


Yeah, sorry, for my earlier confusing, it feels unnatural to me, but it's subjective and it is correct.

As for your question - you cannot combine the nominative and genitive. You have to use the same for both the day and the month. So it's either "XXX je čtvrtý leden" or "XXX je čtvrtého ledna"


Just to make it clear:

  • "13. ledna" = read "třináctého ledna"

  • "13. leden" = read "třináctý leden"

  • "13. 1." = read "třináctého první" (třináctý is not possible)


Is there any difference between dnes and dneska?


dneska is a little bit more informal


Thank you for the quick answer.

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