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What does modemäßig mean?

I have seen it while playing a German game, from the context I can assume it is something related to trends. I have also seen the ending "mäßig" from time to time.

January 16, 2018



I think, in English one would say in matters of fashion (modemäßig).

Edit: Please have a look at this website for examples of the suffix "mäßig": http://www.canoo.net/services/WordformationRules/Derivation/To-A/Suffixe/maessig.html?lang=en


Yes, it means 'regarding fashion'. You can create terms like 'regarding x' by combining a noun with *-mäßig'

Mein neuer Job ist gehaltsmäßig nicht schlecht. Regarding salary, my new employment is not bad.


That's a useful piece of information, vielen Dank.


Thanks to both of you guys, that really clarified my question.

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