"The child wants to look at everything."

Translation:Het kind wil overal naar kijken.

1 year ago


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I wrote "het kind wil naar alles kijken" but this was corrected to "het kind wil alles bekijken" - and yet I see the translation given above is "Het kind wil overal naar kijken."

Was it wrong because I put the "naar" in the wrong place, and if so are there any tips for the word order here?

Or was there some other reason?

And when do you use kijken and when bekijken?

Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

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I agree with you, AndewsSuzy. I typed in the same response. My Dutch boyfriend thinks it should be correct. My understanding is that "kijken" is to look in general, whereas "bekijken" is to examine or observe more thoroughly. I think both should be acceptable in this sentence.

4 months ago
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