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I purchased 'Plus' expecting not to have to wait for more 'health'?

I wanted to learn when i can and not have to keep waiting for the 'health' to start again in a few hours etc. Why is this. I thought that was what Plus membership was for? Is there something i can do as no help email/contact details.

January 16, 2018



Plus = no ads and a very limited download capability.


Plus membership is for the ability to download lessons offline and remove ads.


Like the others have already said, plus removes ads. You can gain health by stengthening old lessons or using the web version (no health!).

If you want to contact Duolingo you can do it here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and select "Purchase Issue".


Do you know that you can get back life by practicing? It is the icon at the bottom with two arrows in a circle with a heart in the middle. Each practice buys one bar of health. You can go back to new stuff as soon as you have one bar, but I usually try to have at least 3 so I can make a few mistakes without getting booted out. I was very frustrated until I discovered the practice tab.


I did not know to use the two arrows in a circle; thanks. I will try that in the morning


It's actually useful to know when you've run out of health, because it means you're making mistakes and you're better off reviewing lessons. By practicing previous lessons (which you can always do without health) you regain health bars. I think the reasoning is that when you're learning a language, if you burn through lessons and you're making a lot of mistakes, you might be unlocking new lessons without really deeply learning. Use the health meter as a way to slow yourself down and go back and practice lessons that have gone from gold back to a color (or if your tree is fully gold, pick lessons on grammar). That's my best advice!


thanks ! I did not realize i could back up a lesson or two and be able to continue with the exercises. In other ways, i do slow myself down because i deeply understand the necessity. :) so have a lingot... bc it has been so important for me to slow down.


i did realize i did not get the dreaded Heart stopping with PLUS.... but I have begun to wish it were a feature. I open my phone app upon awakening to use Duo before I am up and dressed, etc. So, if i do anything challenging i cannot get through a lesson. So... thanks for mentioning this issue

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