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  5. "Is the hospital here?"

"Is the hospital here?"


January 16, 2018



"这儿在医院吗? "why is it wrong?


The idea is to say that the hospital is located at (...)! 医院在…

The opposite is strange, since "here" is not a physical thing, it's rather a concept of location, so you cannot place "here" somewhere!

In summary: "here is at the hospital" doesn't work On the other hand: "the hospital is at here" does

Oh yes, and I know the English experts will complain about my last sentence! Hahaha


For anyone wondering why it's written this way, someone explained to me that to turn a statement in to a question, all you need do is formulate the statement first and then add 吗 as the end.

So in this case, in an English none translated way it would read: Hospital is here 吗? which translates in true english to: Is the hospital here?

Unless I'm mistaken of course.


Yes, you’ve got it :). 吗 (at the end of the sentence) turns a statement into a yes/no question.

(Note that there are other question words, like: 哪,谁,为什么, etc which also make questions which don’t have a yes/no answer. No need to learn them now but just bear in mind that questions don’t always need 吗).


Hi! Can someone explain why it needs to be in this order and not "Here is the hospital, correct?" "这儿在医院吗?" Thanks!


as cagprado said, the sentence 这儿在医院吗? is essentially asking "here is at the hospital?" or "is here at the hospital?" so it doesn't make sense gramatically. On another note, you could say "这在医院吗" as a way of asking ïs this the hospital. hope that helps


How do I write the answer? It just gives me a box to type in. My keyboard doesn’t do Chinese characters nor the accents on the pinyin. So I got it wrong... what am I missing?


Does this mean "Is this the hospital?" or "Is there a hospital here?" or something else? "Is the hospital here?" doesn't seem very clear to me.


医院在这儿吗?literal(ish) translation is "The hospital is located here question?"


Skj17 answered your question. I’d just add:

这里有医院吗?= Is there a hospital here?

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