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  5. "No, that is not a tree."

"No, that is not a tree."

Translation:Ne, to není strom.

January 16, 2018



Why not "Ne, ten neni strom"? I could be pointing to a male, tree is male, I see no reason to use "to".


When you state that something is or is not you always use TO. Regardless of gender you are describing. In fact, you do not even know a gender of what it is you are describing here. We know it is not a tree, but is it a car (neutral) or flower (feminine)? You would say the same in English. Even when talking about animate objects. No, IT is not Peter.

You would use TEN when you get to describing the object. Ne, ten není starý. = No, he/it is not old.


So...k9 could you please confirm that these are correct: Ne, to není žena (instead of Ne, ta není žena?) and Ne, to není (for any other masculine or feminine noun)?


It would be good if the app actually stated these rules rather than leaving it up to individuals to go hint for answers....


The Tips & Notes are not available in the apps, and the course team has no control over that. But you will find them if you use a mobile browser. They do not yet exist for all Skills, but where they do exist -- mostly in the early Skills -- they are excellent.

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