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A Request For New Shop Items

Spending lingots is one of the funnest parts about starting out in Duolingo. It's motivating and exciting to unlock new skills and power ups.

But unfortunately, there quickly becomes a point where lingots are no longer useful, because everything is purchased.

Duolingo would be a lot more fun if we could spend more unused lingots!

Here are some suggestions: - more bonus skills - increase the "double or nothing" wager every time one is completed - unlocking different 'games' or lesson styles

Does anyone else agree? What are your ideas for things that should be available in the lingot shop?

January 16, 2018



That's a great idea :) I've been wondering for quite some time how to spend those lingots in an useful way. Here are some more suggestions:

A listening-only and speaking-only options similar to the timed-practice.

Streak wagers for more than a week, for example: 2 weeks, 1, 2 and 3 month versions.

An exp boost - for example, for one day your experience gain is doubled. There could be a cheaper one-hour version, too. But it would be best not to go overboard with this one, or soon everyone would have 25 levels in all languages and that would defeat the purpose of putting effort in learning. Maybe make it available for a fairly high price, only working for whole-tree strength exercises and buyable only after finishing the tree, for easier reaching level 25 for those dedicated to a language.

A test checking your fluency level (more accurately than the fluency score, which is buggy and based on time put into lessons, which is not exactly related to fluency) and maybe giving you the A1/A2/B1/B2 placement, if available for a certain language.

After finishing the tree, it can be a bit tedious to practice over and over again. I'd love to spend lingots in a productive way and advance more at the same time :)


Some other ideas: - access to competitions with similar skill level users - access to national leader boards

I'm sure there are many more ideas - let's hear them!


I completely agree, I would love to see more items for sale!


There is a great deal of untapped potential in lingots. After just six days on duolingo, I find they have already become boring since there doesn't seem to be much to purchase with them. Giving them away to those who are not shamelessly begging for them and have made useful contributions to a discussion is somewhat amusing; however, there is a nagging surplus which seems unsettling. They accumulate faster than they can be used.

Perhaps they could be pooled to vote/buy/express interest in as-yet-undeveloped courses (team Finnish!).

[deactivated user]

    Bonus skills is an obvious one sure. You do more lessons, you progress, you earn lingots, you unblock bonus skills. Easy.


    I would love more outfits for duo! And maybe app themes? Unlocking customizable options would be really cool. Would give me something to work towards. This is still a pretty relevant topic I think.


    I would like more outfits to dress up Duo!


    Woud it be possible to add items typical of the country of those languages ? Ex : French : baguette, bicycle, champagne, brie cheese, beret, five dinner course Japanese : kimono, yukata, hashi, bento box, obi English : miniature tower bridge, miniature Statue of Liberty, Ayer's rock, double decker bus etc.

    [deactivated user]

      I definetly agree with you and i don't have any ideas on what Duolingo should add to the shop...


      I really want more things in the shop. I have so many lingots and no place to put them!


      I was almost thinking to start a crowdfunding for people who need to get rid of their unused lingots.


      YES! Thank you, I have been thinking the same thing! I am taking Spanish one in school right now, and I thought duolingo would really help (which it does) I just wish there is something where you could sort of have a full conversation for practice. (As that is what I struggle with) :) Great idea!


      oui..je suis d'accord


      That would be awesome!!

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