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Free French online reading?

Links to great free reading sites so I can practice my french reading some more would be great!

January 16, 2018


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France Culture is a great resource I discovered recently. You can practice both reading and listening there.


[deactivated user]

    I think you would get better results if you posted your language specific questions on the board related to that language. Over here in the general board it will have much less longevity and not everyone will be interested since not everyone is learning French.


    Lirenligne.net has a nice selection of free ebooks, both newer books and classics. If you have a tablet you can enable your devices dictionary and look things up as you go. If you want to start with some children’s books boukili.ca looks really cool (I just came across it and am going to check it out now)


    es estupendo gratis leyendo sitios asi que yo puedo practicar mi Frances leyendo algo mas seria estupendo

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