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  5. "我没有笔。"


Translation:I don't have a pen.

January 16, 2018



Should accept both "pen" and "pencil"


I don't think people would associate 笔 with pencil these days...... Pencil should be 鉛笔, and if you just say 笔 people would either think of ball-pen or any pen in general


I was going to ask if it should accept both "pen" and "brush" ...


I agree. 笔 can be translated as "pen" or "pencil". To specify which it is, you can use a compound word, such as qianbi. Likewise, in Finnish, which i speak, kynä can mean "pen", "pencil" or "marker"; to specify pen you can say mustekynä (muste 'ink'); to specify pencil you can say lyijykynä (lyijy 'lead'); to specify marker you can say tussikynä (tussi 'felt, marker'). Likewise many languages, such as Chinese or Hindi, don't clearly distinguish between rat and mouse; the difference has no scientific definition anyway.

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