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Duolingo too repetitive

Duolingo is too repetitive. You get the same phrase like ten times in one lesson!!!

So you learn the phrase... not the grammar. And specially not building vocabulary.

July 1, 2012



Also, they could think of something better than to make you type "Fischsandwich" over and over again!!!!!!!!


Looking at your stats, I suggest you do more general translation and spend less time on the lessons. Translations can count towards mastery of your skill tree. I've mastered 4 lessons, just through doing translations picked at random.


As 1km said do more translations for vocabulary. But I agree Duolingo sometimes can get repetitive, especially when the same sentence is given right after that sentence was used in the previous question. They should at least insert some other question in between before asking the same sentence again.


I agree with 1km. Also I think the repetition is good. It helps drum the basics into my brain :)


Can someone from DL confirm that translations do count towards the skill tree? I have been doing mostly translations, but it seems that my skill tree deteriorates nevertheless, so I have been spending time trying to keep it up when I would rather be doing translations.

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