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  5. "Vire a página."

"Vire a página."

Translation:Turn the page.

April 12, 2014



Aqui eu estou, na estrada novamente... XD


just for the lols my first thought what i entered when I saw the sentenced the first time: live to pay

Did not look anything up, just what I entered in my hurry. Have to say it has a deep meaning still


Can "a folha" also apply to a page?


This will depend on context. When you refer to physical paper, yes "folha" has the same use of sheet.

"Vire a página" as expression means "don't get stuck in the past, 'turn the page' of your life"


Check out the pronunciation of the hover "Vire." A little trouble with the "r"...


Try it at Google Translate in addition to my following tip. It has almost the same pronunciation of the as in "you're", but the Portuguese 'r' is briefer than English.

This is the same for 'r' syllabic family ra (Paraguai), re(parede), ri(caridade), ro(tiro) and ru(Uruguai). It's similar to Spanish. By the way 'r' has strong sound as in 'hat' when is in the beginning of the words like 'rápido'.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, hugobbmartins, and I appreciate your input, but what I meant was that Duo is the one with "the trouble with the 'r'." Although it's pronounced fine in the full sentence, the hover has a very American sounding "r." It's completely atypical of the robot and I wanted to point it out as being pretty amusing.


Sorry Squonkalini. I got it.


All's well that ends well.

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