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Formatting Codes


Specifically for new Duolingo users who wonder how in certain comments or discussions, how certain text are bold or italicized or etc. Well this guide should help answer that question and shows examples!

Bold text: **Bold** which becomes Bold

Italic Text: *Italic* which becomes Italic

Quote Text: >Hello, World and all who inhabit it! which becomes

Hello, World and all who inhabit it!

(Once you are done quoting, just make a new line and don't use the ">" at beginning of new line)

Linking a URL: [Click Here](http://www.duolingo.com) becomes Click Here

In other words: [Whatever Text to Display to Click](URL of website]

Image Linking: ![](http://i.imgur.com/gicahZv.png) becomes

In other words: ![](Imgur URL of uploaded image)

(Remember to first upload your image to imgur and then copy the specific imgur link they give you and insert it properly. Don't forget the "!")

Unorganized List: * Test 1

* Test 2

(Sorry for the not properly indented explanation)


  • Test 1
  • Test 2

(Make sure there is a space after the asterisk or "*" and make sure you make a new line after each list. So basically every line should have an * and then space and then the name of list. Hope you understand. Sorry for the weird spaces in the unorganized list explanation. Highlighting mistakes)

There are more formatting codes but this is the basic to let you know on how the formatting works. I hope this guide helped you and if you see any errors or have questions, feel free to tell/ask. Thanks!

Also additional from Samsta! Thanks!

Extra from Samsta:

You could also add: ***Italics and Bold*** which becomes Italics and Bold and

This text is written by placing a back-tick ( ` ) on both sides of the selected text. (The back-tick can usually be found to the left of the 1 key, under the esc key [upper left corner])

April 12, 2014

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This discussion should be listed in every discussion page after buttons "Post", "Cancel" with a title "Text formatting codes". Or maybe it should be listed somewhere else visible.

Text formatting codes near post


You can follow it and then find it easily later :)


Another option would be a sidebar element/link on the discussion homepage (beneath your subscriptions etc.) or a "sticky post" at the top of every discussion page (as you suggested) with general forum guidelines, including these formatting options.


That would be very helpful. Nice suggestion. Thanks for the lingots everyone and especially the upvotes! The upvotes help make this discussion visible so thank you very much!


Or maybe introduce a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. If you want to underline something, just press a button on the editor.


Thnx! I was wondering how people could do that!


Thank you!

By the way, you can use any image URL.

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Testing, Testing, 1,2,3!


Finally I found Hetalia in the comments! xD



<h1>Title Level 1 using 1 hashtag</h1>

Title Level 2 using 2 hashtags

Title Level 3 using 3 hashtags

Title Level 4 using 4 hashtags

Title Level 5 using 5 hashtags
Title Level 6 using 6 hashtags

Italics One asterisk(*) before and after text
Bold Two asterisks(**) before and after text
Bold and Italics Three asterisks(***) before and after text
No Formatting One backtick before and after text
--- Lists For lists, keep one blank line between the list items and the text before it

  • Item1 One asterisk(*) followed by a blank space before text
  • Item 2


  1. Item1 Just the number followed by a dot(.) and a blank space before the text
  2. Item2

Quote, this is a quote. One greater than sign (>) before the text

This is what you do to
start a new line. Two blank spaces after the first line

And this is what you do to

start a new paragraph. A blank line between two lines of text

Links [Linked Text](URL of website)

![Image Caption](Image URL)


One more thing that I didn't see mentioned here, if you want to link to a user's page from their username [luis](luis) produces luis


I didn't really get the LEVEL3,4,5,6 us of hashtags can you please explain again?


Thanks, it helps tremendously to have these all in one place!


About the lines in your comment, I have a question, can you please help me?

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