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Lingots for streaks above 500 days and the big challenge (250 XP during the week end)

Hello, I am practicing languages on Duolingo for about 20 months. Four weeks ago I arrived at a streak of 500 days. ... no lingots for that effort. 510 days, no lingots.... 520 days, bingo, 52 lingot ... but at 530 days, no lingots. Lingots are just for fun, but it is a kind of motivation booster for people who are number fans like me.

Same question, I think it started in september 2017, each week-end doing duolingo on the telefone you could meet a challenge and receive 10 lingots, the last two week ends, nothing. Are you preparing a new thing? I am waiting for it!

Thank you a lot for the possibilities to learn languages with Duoling!

January 16, 2018

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Bonsoir Huyle, tu es ici sur le forum français. Tu n'auras pas beaucoup de réponses ... Bonne continuation ;)


Hi Huyle88,

Could you relocate this discussion in the “Troubleshooting (in English)" forum? Which is the place meant for such discussion. Thx!

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Bonjour Huyle88,

Pourriez-vous déplacer la présente discussion dans le “forum Solutions aux problèmes (en anglais)” ? C'est le forum dédié aux questions sur le fonctionnement de Duolingo (et pour signaler des bugs). Merci !

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