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Man, I got on Duolingo to try to see how much french I really know. I've been studying french for about a year now. But, I'm in Montréal. So, a lot of the terminology is very ummm... French, unlike my french. It's really interesting to see just how different Québecois is from European French. What are your thoughts on this?

January 17, 2018



Hombre.tiene en duolingo a tratar de ver como muchos frances yo de verdad saber he estado studiando frances a cerca de un año haora.Pero,yo estoy en motreal. asi,mucho de la teminologia es muy ummmm frances diferente my frances esto de verdad interesante ver solo como diferente Quebecois es desde Europa Francia.que tus pensamientos en esta


I play animal crossing pocket camp and when I set my language settings to french I though it was really funny/weird/kinda cool that the game has separate language settings for Canadian and European French. I find Quebecois talk super fast... is that just me?


A young woman from Quebec told me that Quebecois speak both languages, Quebec and French. They see French films, read French books during their studies (the same as in France). When they want, they know how to adapt their way of speaking according to their interlocutors. The French do not know how to do it. Of course, if there is only one Frenchman in a group of fifteen Quebecois, it will be a little hard for him (at first) to understand everything. And we must also know that Quebec is huge and that from one sector to another the accents change (as in France) and that between Quebecois, sometimes, the accent of others makes themselves smile.

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