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We have a blog!

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6 years ago


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6 years ago


How about a link to it from the DuoLingo main page? Maybe next to "follow people"?

6 years ago


I would love to see that DL-Team writes more blog posts :) You improve DL everyday and that is great but I would love to have a more detailed description about new features. E.g. you just released the new iOS duel feature. I have an Android phone and cannot test it. However I would like to see how it works and get more details about it.

So why not write a blog post ;)

4 years ago


Hello I am not sure how to get the problem of accent marks in Ukrainian for English speakers remedied. I have the spelling correct but the answer triggers incorrect due to the accents. I cannot get accents on my Ukrainian keyboard. Have a screenshot but I am not sure how I can upload it. Thank you

1 month ago