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We have a blog!

March 30, 2012



How about a link to it from the DuoLingo main page? Maybe next to "follow people"?


Please offer stories in Italian. Thanks!


I very much like most of the changes made recently to the courses except: can we please have a way of opting out of the league table nonsense? and I'd rather go back to the number of lessons in a unit not percentages, which are simply not helpful as it changes level to level. Thanks.


Well , I’m in the diamond league finally. Some dude named Maksym just made over 10000 XP in about 3-4 hours. Why is t anybody stopping the ones that are cheating. And how are they cheating? This is very frustrating. I am so fed up with this league thing.


I would love to see that DL-Team writes more blog posts :) You improve DL everyday and that is great but I would love to have a more detailed description about new features. E.g. you just released the new iOS duel feature. I have an Android phone and cannot test it. However I would like to see how it works and get more details about it.

So why not write a blog post ;)


Hello I am not sure how to get the problem of accent marks in Ukrainian for English speakers remedied. I have the spelling correct but the answer triggers incorrect due to the accents. I cannot get accents on my Ukrainian keyboard. Have a screenshot but I am not sure how I can upload it. Thank you


The skill sets in the middle of the Spanish course are suddenly very short indeed and do not offer enough practice time to assimilate the grammar and the vocab. It is very very different and much shorter. How do I repeat a lesson please?


The league system is incomprehensible. Not explained clearly!
Also why is it impossible to give direct feedback? If a student has reached 300 days, you would think Duolingo would be interested to get their feedback??? Maybe they are just too big to care!!!

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