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"Does he meet his family every weekend?"


January 17, 2018



Is it more common to leave out "他的" before "家人" than not? And, in general, is it implied that something belongs to the subject if the owner isn't specified?


Don't even try to figure this sentence out. I have tried several perfect variants and none of them are accepted. YOU HAVE TO TYPE THEIR EXACT SENTENCE> they must not have done the variants in the database. Those of you who are using the word bubbles should have it easier.


What a happy patch of sunshine


Hi, please could you share the variant sentences ?I want to learn. :)


You can put 他 after every weekend


That's what I did!!!


I'm not sure why 每个周末他见他的家人吗 is wrong, can anyone help?


Duo is just wrong here. The time can clearly go before the pronoun. It's a mistake in the database. This is not a special sentence.


There are multiple issues with this question.

  • The time period can go before or after the subject, but the answer only accepts after.
  • The question asks you to translate "meet", which is more accurately 见面, but only accepts the less accurate 见. It should accept both.
  • His family can be expressed as 家人 or 他的家人. It only accepts the former.

Most questions on duolingo accept all of these variants, which makes this question even less intuitive - as if you apply a rule you've used in other questions here you might mistakenly think this sentence has some special property that means you cannot say 他的家人, for example.


Is 个 really necessary here? I thought 他每周末见家人吗 is also a correct answer.


The only times that do not require measure words are 天 and 年. Every other time requires a measure word (个).

An easy way to remember it is because Day and Year both use 今天/今年 (today/next year) or 明天/明年 (tomorrow/next year) whilst every other time uses 这个 (this) or 下个 (next)


每个周末他见家人吗?Doesn't work, duolingo pls...


Is LinuxMasterRace correct? I did this too and want to know.

Also great name


I tried the variant where you say 他的家人 and Duo is still being silly.

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