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Books published in obscure languages (Especially interested in Sumerian )

I was wandering if anyone knew if there are any books published in Sumerian or Akkadian cuneiform and if so where can I get them ( especially interested in getting the epic of Gilgamesh) On a side note if you know of any books published in strange or unusual languages or scripts I would be very interested

January 17, 2018



You can find texts (not necessarily books) in cuneiform in these links:

(1) The Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic

(2) The Sumerian King List (check the Wikipedia article for explanation and reference number 7 for the archived copy)

(3) The Ancient World Online

(4) The publications of The Oriental Institute (University of Chicago) contain illustrations of cuneiform and and other ancient texts.


Thank you for finding all of these


There is a publisher called Evertype that has published Alice in Wonderland translated into a wide range of minor and/or dead languages, like Old English, Gothic and Breton.


I checked out evertype and it's my new favorite publishing agency


These are more for learning languages that use cuneiform, but there may be some books with reading selections. Sometimes the site is slow to load.

Try looking at what Lexicity has for Sumerian, and it has information on other languages that used cuneiform writing.

The U. of Texas at Austin has online "lessons" for various Indo-European languages, including Hittite, and if you'll look on the left of the page, there's also Old Persian. What's nice about the introductory courses offered on this site is that they base what they are teaching on an original text in the language being taught.

Memrise has some "courses", that might be a good supplement to other material.

This information may be of interest.

Do a search on cuneiform on Duolingo forums, and you'll find some discussion.

Good luck! If you find anything interesting, please mention what it is.

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