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  5. "Miláčku, večeře je na stole!"

"Miláčku, večeře je na stole!"

Translation:Honey, dinner is on the table!

January 17, 2018



Why the sentence "Darling, dinner is on the desk" is not accepted?


Maybe to show that a desk is not the same thing as a table in at least one or two sentences, where it may be acceptable to everyone, that the other option is just weird, even if theoretically possible.

That of course won't help English speakers to learn Czech but it could help reverse course guests who learn English.


I get goosebumps every time I hear the word "miláčku" exclaimed by the TTS. Actually, it scares the hell outta me, really. Is it one of the more popular ways Czech people address their beloved ones?


It's pretty common.


Nepoužívá se spíš darlink or honey?


Používá se leccos.


Would it be an idea to replace the ghastly 'sweetie' with the more common 'darling' or 'my love' ?


What is ghastly to one person is the more common for a different person. All are accepted. Definitely can be changed by I do not think it is worth the hassle.

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