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All the variants of tun

Hey everyone. I recently learned there's another word for macht. Tun. Please list someone all the different variants of tun like 'du, ich, wir, etc'.


January 17, 2018



ich tue, du tust, er/sie/es tut;

wir tun, ihr tut, sie tun


You are welcome. : )


Can this be used for both 'Make' and 'Do'. Like you could say 'Was tust du?' as in What are you doing but could you say 'Was tust du? as in What are you making? Thanks


Hi cluney, that is a good question. I think, the meaning of the words "make" and "do" is different in English. You can interchange the words sometimes, but not always. Right? In German it is the same thing. The words "machen" and "tun" are not always interchangeable.

I have found a website, which could help you: https://german.stackexchange.com/questions/1339/whats-the-difference-in-usage-between-machen-and-tun

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