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New member and some questions

Hello everybody.Hello Duolingo Community! My name is Dan.I am a Vietnamese.I created a Duolingo account and now I am joining the French course for English.Of course, learning a foreign language by a foreign one is very difficult to me.Some tips, notes about grammar in English make me worry.Because I cannot understand them clearly.I just read the rules of discussion quickly and hope you or mod feel sorry if I break the rules.I will fix them if they make you feel uncomfortable.And these are some questions and details for them.Hope you read and consider them to help me solve all.

  • First: I hope Duolingo Team create a new course (French Course for Vietnamese learner).It will help me a lot.Sorry.I think I need talk it in Discussion for Vietnamese.But they are not allow me to tell about it. If you can, please building a course like that.I sorry If this breaks the rules.

  • Second: When I am waiting and dreaming about the French Course for Vietnamese.I am trying to learning French by English.It's so difficult.But I have a question.When I learn new words in a lesson.Those words appear on the white space of each lesson.I think they will appear when I learn.But not.I wrote the learned words again and see that they are not enough! Duolingo don't support all mention words in learning progress. When I practice them by click the practice button, they appear!That makes me cannot understand.Then I have to search Google to understand that word.It's terrible.I hope Duolingo fix this error. Put all mention words to lesson.Thanks

  • Third: I think Duolingo should create a new feature that help Duo members can talk together.It will very useful. For example: A man that learning French on Duolingo feels difficult to understand a word or a grammar structure, they can write a message for another member (chose member) to ask about it.It helps us to learn more efficiency.

  • Fourth: Duolingo can give members more motivation by create some challenge that we can learn a lesson together.Who fastest will win.That's interest right? Or Xp race online....It depends on Mob and Duolingo Team decision.Owh!

Finally, Thanks for reading.I hope I will be a good member in Duolingo community.Thanks twice :)

January 17, 2018



We had these features, Dan, and the people who own the site have taken them away. It would be nice to think they had the wit (intelligence) to read your comments and see what is wrong with what they are doing to the site.

I'm not very clear about the problem you had. I think you might need to explain to us exactly what you see on your screen, one step at a time, and we might be able to help.

Have you looked for a French course in a local library? I thought French was a very popular language to learn in Vietnam?


Yes.If you research about Vietnamese's history you will understand.French is pretty famous in Vietnam.We learn it in school and also learn English.


If I can put image to this topic.It will easy to understand :)


Firstly, I find it interesting that, being Vietnamese, you want to learn the language of the colonial power that ruled Indochina, including Vietnam, from as early as the 18th century until about 1946. May I politely ask why?

Secondly, there is a English course for Vietnamese speakers. Your English is quite good but perhaps it needs to be stronger to tackle French which is a very hard language to learn from English (or any other non-Roman based language for that matter).

As Luscinda said, we did have a means of communication and it was taken away to the detriment of the site.


Ough! You wanna to research about Vietnamese story?I think you know about it...in Wikipedia right?Nothing bad here.That is a problem about culture.At least is that.


Where are you from and can you help me to improve my English?


I'm from Australia. We have a large Vietnamese community here. Most came out in the 1970s after Australia withdrew troops from the war. My younger son's fiancée is Australian born Chinese. Her mother and father escaped China to Vietnam and then came to Australia. She speaks Cantonese, Vietnamese and, of course, English but she cannot write in either Asian language.


Oh.It's a pleasure to meet you.Vietnamese always welcome friendly foreigners !



I have a couple of tips related to your second and third comments. Your first and fourth comments are probably on duolingo to develop. :)

2: You should be able to click/tap or hover your mouse over a word to see the english/french translation of the word. This might help and keep you from having to google words.

  1. After you answer a question in a lesson, there is a link at the bottom for 'discuss.' People post to a forum like this one with questions and comments about that particular exercise. If you use a phone or tablet, you can also join 'Clubs' where you can chat with other users.

You can also turn off speaking and listening exercizes if you choose, these exercises may trip you up if English is not your mother tongue.


Thank you very much.This helps me a lot.Thanks to your soul.My learning progress is becoming easier

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