"If I were rich, I would have a lot of cars and houses."

Translation:Si j'étais riche, j'aurais beaucoup de voitures et de maisons.

January 17, 2018



Why is "Si j'étais riche, j'aurais beaucoup de voitures et maisons" wrong (without the second 'de')?

April 7, 2018


Why isn't ''si je serais riche'' correct? Surely 'if I were rich'' and ''I would have lots of cars and houses'' refers to a future desire i.e. if I were to be rich. The given answer '''si j'étais riche'' I understand to refer to the past, and therefore the second part should also be in the past ''I would have had lots of cars and houses'' i.e. ''j'aurais eu beaucoup de voitures et maisons''.

January 17, 2018


In statements with a hypothesis or condition (with if/si), the conditional mood is at work in the main clause, not in the subordinate clause (introduced by "si").

It is the same in English by the way:

  • If... I would have = Si... j'aurais (conditional present)
  • If... I would have had = Si... j'aurais eu (conditional past)

When it comes to the subordinate clause, it is in indicative imperfect or pluperfect:

  • If I were... = Si j'étais... (indicative past imperfect)
  • If I had been... = Si j'avais été... (indicative plus-que-parfait
January 17, 2018


Then what would "Si je serais riche" translate to?'

Edit: My guess is that it would translate to "If I were rich," just so long as it is in the main clause of the sentence instead of the subordinate?

April 10, 2018


Can you say: "beaucoup de voitures et maisons" or does "maisons" also necessarily need a "de"?

May 5, 2018


The English sentence uses the subjunctive mood--one of the few times it is used in English. The imperfect translates to "If I was rich. . ." which is not correct in English. Le sujonctif is required here as well. Si j'aie été riche. . .

November 1, 2018


The English sentence cannot be seen because of the new interface

December 20, 2018


I was just wondering whether it should be des maisons or de maisons! And as it most of the time happens with me, I typed the incorrect one ( 1st)!

January 6, 2019


Wrong because I put 'des' instead of 'de' in front of maisons. That's completely reasonable.

March 20, 2019
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