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what do Chinese people eat the most?

January 17, 2018



You might expect the answer rice/米飯/米饭. Actually China is a vast country, and the diet varies greatly. In Northern China, steamed buns/饅頭/馒头 and noodles/麵條/面条, both made of wheat flour, are also consumed.

I stop here first and see if this thread will be deleted.


Most people will answer "rice", in some parts of China, that is true, but like Keith_APP said China is a very large country, so the diet ranges greatly, the typical Chinese diet consists of rice, noodles, bread rolls, pork, and dumplings. Those are the main staples.


They certainly eat the most rice, whether or not they also eat rice the most.


It is interesting. Because of your search I tried to find a comparison of rice consumption per capita by country and the 1st thing Google had given was this website in Japanese:


According to this website, the average consumption in China is 107.2kg per person per year, not even in the world top 5. The champion goes to Cambodia at 237.5kg, and a close runner-up is Vietnam, at 236.5kg. It is a bit surprising though to know the average consumption in Japan is merely 55.2kg.

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