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No Genitive für Deutsch?

Can anyone explain this for me or is it hidden within the course? I really need to know about Genitive for Des.

January 17, 2018



It is abbreviated to Gen. Case on the course index, but if you need to know and cannot access it there, why don't you use a search engine?

[deactivated user]

    It's there, halfway the German tree. Two lessons only as it's the less used case.


    (these are put in order masculine, neutral, feminine, and plural left to right) Nominative Case (the subject of the sentence): der, das, die, die Accusative Case (the direct object of the sentence): den, das, die, die Dative Case (the indirect object of the sentence): dem, dem, der, den

    These change how you address objects and people in a sentence "Der Mann liest den Kindern ein Buch" "The man reads the kids a book" normally we would say "die Kinder" but plural dative case makes it den Kindern.

    It's something you don't NEED to know in early stages of learning but later when you are making more complex sentences it makes sentences more interesting and makes you sound very fluent in the language. Hope this helps!

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