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"There are many documents that tell of the castle."

Translation:Existem muitos documentos que contam sobre o castelo.

March 18, 2013



Suddenly such a complicated sentence! I don't remember ever encountering existir and contar, am I wrong?


Well, they exist. As for exisitir we usually use ter (have) ou haver (there to be). Now, contar means to count or tell, example contar piadas (jokes), segredos (secrets)...


I looked in my verbs vocabulary and I had encountered both verbs 2 weeks ago, but I had completely forgotten them: I could not translate this sentence. Thanks for your clarification, I hope I will remember now


Would "dizem" be wrong here? It's one of the translations options and it's the first thing I thought of (falar seems more like 'to talk' to me, although I guess contar might be best) but it marked it as wrong.


Yes, you can use "dizem"


Here is a good example of multiple meanings (usages) of the verb "contar" in Chico Buarque's poem "A Banda":

O homem sério que contava dinheiro parou | O faroleiro que contava vantagem parou | A namorada que contava as estrelas parou | Para ver, ouvir e dar passagem

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