"If you don't know mushrooms, you should not pick them."

Translation:Když neznáš houby, neměl bys je sbírat.

January 17, 2018

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'Jestli neznáš houby, ty bys je neměl sbírat.' (Why) Is the 'ty' in this sentence necessary?


It is not. Look at the main translation.


Díky za rychlou odpověd'! I thought the same way. The translated sentence beginning with 'Když' doesn't demand 'ty', but the sentence beginning with 'Jestli' claims it wrong, when the 'ty' is missing. Maybe a not yet added right answer?


Well, what i see in the back is that somebody suggested "jestli neznáš houby, bys je neměl sbírat" two hours ago. You cannot say that. Either you insert TY in front of BYS or you change the order to "..., neměl bys je sbírat". You cannot start a sentence (even a side sentence) with a condition like this.


Aha, už chápu. Děkuju za vyjasnění!


Mám nějak zafixovane fráz.sl. pick up - je asi špatně. Jaký význam by věta měla s timto slovesem?


why not jestli? instead of kdyz?


You must ask about your complete sentence. We have many word orders and jestli is accepted in all of them.

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