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I don't know if it's my computer or me being a computer numpty, but so many lessons now ask me to translate the same text again and again, there seems to be no way of bypassing it other than type in the same answers upto 20 times, it's now becoming tedious, has anyone else found this happening? this is happening in both Japanese and German.

January 17, 2018



Confirming this for Japanese. Currently I'm doing the Esperanto course and some sentences appear multiple times, but at most thrice an exercise and not consecutively, so nothing overboard.

I saw many posts on the forums where people complained that this happens to them in various courses.

It may be some change implemented by th Duo team, but that would require their confirmation. Also, instead of 17 sentences mentioned in the above post, there are 18 given now.

Edit: this happens in Spanish too.


Noticed this as well in the Japanese course. While it is good to repeat and see the same characters over and over to really hammer them in, more variety and explanation would be nice. I say explanation because sometimes we are given the answer to something but we don't know what grammatic rules make it so. But here I have to give credit to the comment sections; lots of info to be obtained there :)


I have the same. Maybe it is because there is not more sentences?


Seeing the same issue. On Time 1 module, one of the lessons kept repeating the same 3 questions about 5 times. I'm also noticing missing content. The stuff that is covered in the review lesson doesn't appear in the lessons, however I know that at one point they did but something has changed causing a lot of questions to be missing.

I usually use the android phone app, but I thought I'd try the web version to see if it was just the app, but the issue still remains. It's getting kind of annoying with content missing and no word from Duolingo about it.

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