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Who else is obsessed with keeping your categories at the golden level???

I literally spend so much time just keeping my categories up. I almost never go on to the next one because I have so many already unlocked. Its crazy I know. But there is some crazy satisfaction having your thingies being golden!!!

January 17, 2018



After a while they mostly stay gold, if you don't hover/peek for hints, get most answers right, and review old skills from time to time.


For sure, but I think it is a good idea also. I ended up doing about 3 reviews for every new leson.


I'd really advise you to keep progressing, even if some older skills loose their golden shine. I'm also not saying you should rush head over heels to the end of the tree, but try to strike a healthy balance between reviewing old skills and doing new lessons. With learning any language, it's important you keep challenging yourself.

My strategie with French was to keep all skills at least at 4/5 strength while I was progressing through the tree. You could also choose for keeping everything at 3/5. It doesn't really matter, in my opinion; the most important thing is that you keep going back to old material once in a while but new material is more important.


In theory, the decay of the skills is precisely an indicator of when you should review old material. I find that the skills become golden too quickly and stay so for too long, even I don't really know them that well.


yea i know right, i never get anything new done cause I'm too busy trying to keep my levels up haha


me too, i don't start a new category until I improve previous ones


My older lessons stay gold. It's mainly my new ones that go down a lot


I used to be... over the holiday break fell way behind. All gold before advancing each day it the best way to learn. Lessons you do perfect on stay gold a long time.

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