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Tips for Language learning

So I just finished the Spanish tree for a second time I have done all the Levels of pimsleurs guide of Spanish and I have also done two courses of Spanish in School. I feel confident that I am able to speak it. So I have changed my focus over to Learning French. And I am a bit confused because one the Learning process is way faster and I am constantly mixing Spanish and French. Is this Normal? And what tips do you guys use to become fluent in other Languages?

January 17, 2018



first of all congrats on finishing spanish TWICE! You should be proud. And yes, you will get mixed up because spanish and french are a bit similar but I'll give you some tips on how you can stop getting mixed up , 1. speak alot in both languages and make sure that the similar words arent getting confused 2.accents. If you keep your spanish accent only for spanish youll likely remeber that your speaking spanish not french and youll correct yourself 3. Practice makes perfect Sorry for my terrible English, im typing so fast... LOL


Eventually when rehearsing french try to remember the correspondent in spanish. That should boost both languages


This is the "French" forum, for questions about French grammar and vocab.

You'll probably get more/better replies if you edit your post and use the drop-down menu to change the topic from "French" to "Duolingo".

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