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Why so many repeats of the same sentence?

I just finished past imperfect, lesson 5. Even though I had gotten the sentence correct it was repeated at least seven times, Spanish to English, before I lost count.
What is the point of this?
It is very annoying and frustrating, not to mention the waste of time.

January 17, 2018



It's a bug, and the developers are on the case.


Hope they fix it soon


thank god it's not a new way for us to study the material...


I came to the global discussions to report exactly this problem with question repetition, two years later. I'm referring to exact repetition, not in another form.


I agree. This morning I got the same sentence six or seven times in a row in the Russian course. Very annoying. I think the sentence “ducks are birds” is ingrained into my memory now.


Yes I agree, although I also think that there should be an equal amount of translations, because i end up not actually writing in German but in English and this really frustrates me!


This still happening for me in Spanish towards the end of Part II. To the posters below, I get the idea of repetition, but the goal is spaced repetition -- the behavior being described is a bug, not a learning strategy. In my case it is often occurs with very simple single words that we learned many many lessons ago. I am about about 35% of the way through the full Spanish course and it just had me select the multiple choice picture of "el niño" six times in a row, and has done similar for other very simple things in recent lessons.


How do you get "host" around your name? What does that mean.

(It's also annoying how the translation is usually from the language that you're learning back to your own language)


It means that they host a Duolingo Event.


It is to learn the sentence. And if you already know it, it sticks in your head both in English and Spanish.

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