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Why does Tinycards speak the German answer when showing the English prompt?

For example it will show: "the beetle" but automatically say "der Käfer"

I feel like it is basically telling me the answer... one of the main reasons I want to use tinycards is to practice trying to recall the articles and I feel like this is basically cheating. I hear der Kafer and I just have to type out what I heard. I would like to hear the pronunciation... just after I type out the answer.

January 17, 2018



this is an update that came out super recently(i got it yesterday ). I don't like it either


The same thing in Spanish . . . This can't be what they intended. Until recently the prompting voice would not give the answer in advance. It must be an error.


You need to change it on the deck settings - if you are creating the cards.

[deactivated user]

    I've started to build a new German deck but something is off with the sound. The female voice seems to be gone and the male voice only speaks half the cards. Are they fixing what isn't broken?

    Deck on hold...


    its a glitch that happens, idk why it happened with my french too

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