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Tinycards behaving differently

I'm speaking here only of DuoLingo-related Tinycards, but I haven't checked other stacks.

Starting yesterday, the audio on DuoLingo Tinycards is giving away answers on English-language cards. The card for "the gloves" comes up and the voice announces "i guanti" before you can type. This obviates the whole point, and now I am using TinyCards with the volume off.

Please discontinue this feature/bug.

January 17, 2018



It seems to be doing this on all languages. Starting yesterday there have been a number of complaints about this for a number of languages.


Support. This sounds like a terrible update. Good thing my decks have never supported audio. :]


To specify: I have found this true of the Italian, German, French, and Spanish courses. I don't know about others.


that happened to me too starting yesterday. arrrggggggggg!!!


Just glad to know it's not just me. Hope they get rid of this soon.

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