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  5. "Seine Augen sind schön!"


"Seine Augen sind schön!"

March 18, 2013



Not that it would be the most natural usage to call eyes "hot," but could schon (sorry I can't do umlauts on this keyboard) be used to mean hot as in good-looking/attractive? For example, could "Er ist schon" ever be translated as the colloquial "he is hot"?

The reason I'm asking is I was given three options for this translation, one of which was "pretty" and another "hot."


The colloquial "he is hot / he looks hot" is actually the same in German: "er ist heiß / er sieht heiß aus".


Thanks. I have actually been wondering about this!


Thanks for pointing this out. We're working on improving the multiple choice options. Sometimes there are several correct answers, but these would have to be very close. "Hot" is a little too far of a stretch for "schön".


Yes, I totally agree with that. :)


Thanks for the replies!

I didn't select the hot option as I also felt it was too much of a stretch, but was wondering if in daily conversation it might be used. Germandy's clarification makes sense in English as well, because while pretty/nice/beautiful may be in the same field as "hot," they are clearly not synonyms.


Why are not using the plural form here "seinen" ?

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