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Four-pack of "Streak Freeze"

Do I can to buy the "Streak Freeze" by an e-mail, or to buy a few before my holidays? Probably no ;( My problem is that, I want to get minimum streak 100, but my holidays are earlier!!! Help me!

April 12, 2014



Do you know anyone who does Duolingo as well? Try having a friend log on to your account and do a lesson while you are gone.


Please do not abuse Duolingo's features... :(


Giving your account to someone that you trusted to maintain your streak abuses Duo's features? I have no idea.


The streak is a tool. If people practice everyday it improves their retention of materials etc. and Duolingo's metrics interact with their data. If someone misses just 1 day once in a while it likely won't hurt their retention, etc. and the metrics are fine. Hense, 1 day streak freeze is allowed. But, if you abuse the tool by having someone else sign in, you mess with Duolingo's metrics.


I do not do that, none of my friends are on Duolingo. I was suggesting it because I heard others say it before. I didn't know it would go against policies or anything.. :(


It's cool. We all learn as we go :)


There's no such statement or warning in the terms of use nor in the guidelines, so I think it's ok to have someone log in and keep your streak alive.


Can you earn 1 point a day during the holidays?

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