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Tip for keeping streaks

Does anyone have any tips for keeping streaks?? I haven't been doing very good on keeping mine.

January 17, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Streaks are easy to keep, but you have to change your relationship with learning languages. For example, if you plan to study for x hours every day, you will fail. Duolingo comes in small bites, use that to your advantage. Like I say in my post below, make a quick lesson the first thing you do every morning before you get out of bed. If you set your goal to 10 xp/day you'll be done before you're even out of bed! Find points throughout the day to take small bites. Break time at work or school? Punch out a quick lesson. On days when you are really just not into it, avoid new skills and just do strengthening skills. When you go to bed, another quick lesson! When you incorporate lessons into your day it never feels like such a drag and you'll be ready to study in those moments when you feel like dedicating solid hours to study.

    See #1 on my post


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    Hi, this is the French forum, for getting help with French grammar, vocabulary, resources, etc. Could you please edit your original post and use the drop-down list at top left to change the topic from "French" to "Duolingo"? That way it won't clutter up the French forum, and the answers you get might help others who look in the general forum for answers to the same thing. Thanks!


    Always keep a streak freeze equiped! If you miss a day it will just kick in automatically.


    Just meet your daily goal everyday, even if you just earn 10XP :)


    If I am going to bed or notice that midnight is approaching, I often pop open a duo tab just to check. Also if I am on the computer after midnight, I'll just do a review lesson just to be sure it's done.

    Also check periodically to ensure that your streak freeze is actually equipped. In a post about lost streaks, Duo staff said that when they have investigated lost streaks that were supposed to be frozen, in almost every case the person had lost their freeze earlier without realizing it. So just get in the habit of peeking into the store every week or so to be sure all is well. (I haven't had this happen, but I can see how it would. When I moved last summer, I missed a day for the first time in forever and didn't realize it until I sat down for a lesson the next day. I could easily have not realized it at all, though.)


    Hey Ellie!

    Here two tips that helped me keep my streaks on Duolingo: check Duolingo every day and make it a part of your daily routine, enable device and email notifications on your device (that way, you will be reminded to do your lesson), and make speaking the language part of your day. That way, you can both review and be prompted to learn on Duolingo. Hope this helps!


    Thanks, I think it will!


    Back when I didn't have a lot of time to use Duolingo, I set my "daily XP goal" to 1 XP. Pretty much all I had to do to keep my streak was get 1 lesson done or 1 question right on a timed drill. I could also translate like one word in the old "Immersion" feature and meet my daily goal.

    If your problem is with remembering to use Duolingo, make sure you check your email (Duolingo's kind of famous for spamming peoples' emails, haha) and you could put it on your tab/home page.


    I always check with myself after dinner like "Did I do my Duolingo?" And then if I did not, I do a quick lesson or 2.


    I always hit Duolingo first thing every day, even from my sick bed.


    I found it hard, too, for ages! A fire is the perfect icon, because it's just like trying to get a fire started. Once you get it going, it becomes its own motivation and keeps itself going. The trouble is getting it started in the first place, when all you have are some wet twigs.

    Things that helped me: 1) Get someone else you know doing this, and follow them so you can have some sense of competition. 2) When you get bored with lessons, look at the discussion boards and respond to someone, so you can have some sense of community / relief from monotony. 3) Get on Netflix, scroll way down to the bottom of the page and click 'audio and subtitles' In the search boxes at the top of the next page, select 'Audio' 'French'. This will show you which of your favorite shows you can watch dubbed in French, with English subtitles on or off, or often with French subtitles (even better)! At level 13 you should be able to understand a lot already. I found this really motivating and fun to watch shows I had already seen in English, so I already knew the story and could try to understand the French. It got me more engaged overall with speaking/thinking/learning during the day in a low-stress way. GOOD LUCK!


    Thanks! I'll definitely try that:)


    Try to set a time each day that you will go on Duo, Thats what I do.


    Learn a second language, one you already know.

    So, when you are tired, or bored, or have no time, you just do an easy lesson in that known language. Since all XP form all languages are globalized, it's easier to reach your goal. That's what I do with English.


    You've already gotten some good advice, but I'll add my own: as long as you have access to wifi, you just do it. There have been days I've forgotten until almost midnight, and then I have to scramble to get it done. I've never used a streak freeze. Ideally what I'm trying to do lately is do it as soon as I get to work each morning. I'm always more successful with sticking to things when I do them early in the day. Also... I just love streaks. :)

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