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  5. "체육관에 교실이 있습니까?"

"체육관에 교실이 있습니까?"

Translation:Is there a classroom in the gym?

January 17, 2018



How would a class ROOM be inside a gymnasium, which is itself a room? Is there a living room in the kitchen?


A gymnasium is not necessarily a single room. It usually refers to a building or a complex used for athletics or physical education. In some places in Europe a gymnasium is a type of school. The gym at my university had several classrooms in it, in addition to the large central room, squash courts, locker rooms, weight room, offices, equipment rooms, stage, et cetera.


Does anything in the Korean point to "Is there a classroom" as opposed to my not "Correct" "Are there classrooms"? I hesitate to report that my answer should be accepted.


This doesn't make any sense to me!


Can anyone confirm for me the Korean term for a gym where one goes to work out? Is it still 체육관? I've also seen 헬스장 and 헬스클럽 used, but I'd like to know what the commonly used term is. Thx

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