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My fluency in Spanish. I think that I should be allowed to move on.

My Spanish fluency on my Ipad shows 55% not %54%. I'm nearly 82 years old and have never had any typing training which holds my appearance of Spanish back. As I make typing errors rather than Spanish errors. Could you not allow contingency for my age. I must admit this course is teaching me MUCHO. DannyGoldstein1

January 17, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I wouldn't worry about the fluency rating. It is a really meaningless and confusing metric. How can they know from your typing speed?


    Just take your time, Danny. As others have noted, the fluency ratings are meaningless. I'm 75, do a lot of hunting and pecking, and working on four languages at the same time. So, you're like a slightly older brother to me!


    Hunting letters and pecking them out? Sounds like me when I started Hebrew.


    Hate to be that guy, but in this day and age, I think typing skills have become part of the process of learning a language. I don't think DL should allow for much more leniency than it already does, mostly with accents and such.

    That being said, I agree with most people here that the fluency number shouldn't be a goal in and of itself. It's often quite innaccurate and random - although I wouldn't say it's that useless as some people make it out to be.

    [deactivated user]

      Like the above posters said just ignore the fluency number... it's meaningless.

      And congrats on learning a language at 81. It's never too late to learn something new, eh?


      The fluency count on Duolingo is mostly random and isn't reflective of how fluent its users actually are- it told me I was 72% fluent in French after a week, haha. Don't worry, as long as you're learning from the course that's all that really matters.


      Perhaps add a typing course to the courses you are learning.


      Duolingo is actually pretty lenient with typos (more so than any real-life test would be, let's be fair), and the fluency percentage is a fiction that can be safely ignored.

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