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  5. "C'est ma culture."

"C'est ma culture."

Translation:It is my culture.

March 18, 2013



What does this mean? Is it the same as the English word? The drop down suggests "crop" but, "This is my crop" (something a farmer might say) is not accepted as an answer.


The vast majority of the time it would be translated as "culture" and not "crop", however I would think that crop should be accepted.


It can mean either "culture" or "crop" (as Hohenems said) and both are accepted.


Could this also mean the culture that's used in the labs to grow bacteria?


Yes, it can also include that meaning: a bacterial culture, a culture of a people (their thoughts, art, knowledge and way of life). It can also refer to a crop, e.g., "culture d'hiver" (winter crop).


Is this referring to a biological culture as in what a scientist would have? if so, then crop should also be acceptable. I don't get the correlation between a wheat field and a societal culture otherwise.


It can mean "culture" in that sense, i.e., "culture (bactérienne)". It can be an agricultural crop, e.g., la culture d'hiver = the winter crop. And it can also refer to culture as a people's art, thought and way of life. There is not a correlation between the them, just that French uses the same word in very different ways.

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