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"That ramen is delicious but expensive."

Translation:그 라면은 맛있지만 비싸요.

January 17, 2018



What is wrong with 맛있는데


~는데 is attached to action verb stems and ~은데 to descriptive verbs, so it should be 맛있은데


맛있는데 is correct. 있다 is an action verb.


Why is 비쌉니다 not acceptable?


the conjunctions lesson is giving me a head ache ! why in this sentence we used 지만 and not instead 은데 ? in the tips section of the lesson it is said that 은데 does not particularly translate to "but" and it gives the first clause background info on the second . in a previous sentence we had " the car is small but expensive " and 은데 was used . so isn't it the same thing with this sentence ?? we gave background info on the ramen ( it is delicious ) like it did with the car . so when do i know if i should use 은데 and 지만 ??


Why is there no 라면은

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