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New wave of errors on Duolingo - a serious drop in the quality of service.

Today, Duolingo went down for me for a short amount of time, multiple times. I was going through followed discussions to unfollow inactive ones and there's a massive downvoting wave, and many posts are missing completely. When on mobile, I can't display other user's profile descriptions, like it used to be before. Lingots go missing, mobile app sometimes crashes when opening the "daily goal reached" lingot chests. And courses get the same sentences repeated multiple times in a row. Japanese in particular.

Does anybody know what's going on? Has any new update been implemented today? Is Duo going to fix this? It's a serious drop of quality of using the Duolingo.

Edit1: And yes, I got the 404 error when posting this. And while saving this edit, it crashed.

Edit2: Apparently, there's a problem with Tinycards, too. 1, 2, 3

At comments below (as not to spam this thread with too many comments):

The lingot chests, crashing after finishing a lesson and displaying user profiles issue is on mobile version only so far, but both the web and mobile versions get the 404 error.

At Linda7Italian's comment: this doesn't happen in every course but getting the same sentence repeated for 6-7 times in a row is not exactly normal. It's not the discussions missing (especially the spamming ones, which should be removed), but posts that were actually not offensive at all and sometimes even upvoted to the top of the list.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Duo and I will continue to use it even if it stays the way it is, but I hope this gets fixed because it's really getting troublesome.

More details:

Profiles getting scrambled is linked to the new achievement display feature, while using forums on the mobile the profile info gets cut off. more about it.

Notifications about followed discussions still don't work. The disappearing posts may have been deleted by their authors due to latest spamming, trolling and downvoting/hate wave.

Additional note:

Just noticed that when I level up, the notification doesn't show anymore.

I'm not saying all of those glitches will happen for everyone, it may be another A/B test.

January 17, 2018



When doing german I tried to click on "begin" on a lesson it would go back to the screen where you can see the entire tree. I reloaded the page and it still did it. I just moved back to French.

And I get error 404 every time I post and sometimes I try to comment on a post and it freezes and the I reload the page and it never posted. Really frustrates me when I write a long post.

Edit: Sometimes I get repeated sentences in German


There is a good glitch in the treasure chests that lets me click on all 3 chests for free!

[deactivated user]

    Consider it a jackpot.


    Lucky you ;) for me, sometimes clicking the chest works normally, but sometimes does nothing at all and sends me back to the tree main screen. Same with "double reward" option.


    The only time the app's ever crashed for me has been while trying to use the lingot chests, lol. Other than that, the only real bug I've noticed lately is randomly getting 404 error messages when trying to start sentence discussions, but AFAIK that's something that people have been talking about for a while.

    I'll be honest, whenever Duolingo's going through a buggy patch, part of me's always hopeful - maybe the site's glitching out because a new course is being released? :)

    (...although I've never actually noticed this to really be the case :( )

    [deactivated user]

      PC version in German is working fine. The sentence repetition is nothing new... not 6-7 but 3 or so... This should be easy to program... no sentence can be repeated on an exercise.

      As for the forums... buggy as usual. I've lost two threads the past week, popular rankings are dubious, the speech bubbles numbers are wrong, the 404 error... Just an hour ago my afternoon post on sentence errors was missing from the feed... then it briefly came back... now I'm not seeing it again.

      A somewhat convoluted experience.


      Is this an issue primarily on mobile devices? For me on desktop it works fine apart from the occasional same sentence several times in a row thing.


      The chest issues are only in the app, but the 404 errors for discussions are a long-existing problem on desktop.


      i have disabled all the audio excercises and thought that was the reason of the repetitions.


      I got that idea too, but there're not much of audio and speaking exercises for Japanese, for example. In the Jap->Eng course the space for filling this 18-exercise slot is accomplished by giving kana recognition exercises, hence the repetition happens less often. For other courses with Latin alphabet, the required 18 exercises happen by repeating the previous sentences.


      The repetitive sentence thing is a pretty longstanding bug, unfortunately. I've had 20-question timed practices in the GuaranĂ­ tree that consisted mostly of three sentences each repeated 6 times if I remember correctly. Lately I've come across such things in Japanese and the Hungarian reverse tree. It really is annoying. Best suggestion is to take a screenshot of the review lesson panel at the end of the lesson and submit a bug report.

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