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Things to listen to in German

I'm constantly listening to stuff throughout the day; music, podcasts, youtube videos, cartoons, etc. Recently I've committed to listening exclusively to things in German for a while to help train my ear and pronunciation. Been listening to German stations on pandora, German Disney song playlists, German dubs of MLP, Nijntje (Miffy) and Peppa Pig. Anyone have any suggestions for things in German to listen to, especially on youtube?

January 17, 2018



Here are a lot of curated resources. You can find even more if you search the forums - https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24336702

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Das ist eine großartige Verbindung!


For me Deutsche Welle is the best. Try this: https://learngerman.dw.com/en/overview


Thanks Al! That's exactly the kind of thing i was talking about :)

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It is good when they are talking between songs but so many songs are in English!


Well, I like the YouTube channel Easy German. The videos are in German with subtitles in both German and English, so you can learn many new words. They talk about random themes like culture, learning, slang words etc.



Thanks so much: exactly what I've been searching for the last weeks :)


I don't know if you will be interested as it's not strictly listening. But I've just discovered this site http://singdeutsch.com/, which I find perfect for discovering more interesting german songs and studying deeper the ones I've come to love on Youtube. I've been raving about it since yesterday :)

I also love loyalbooks.com, that have a share of German e-books (all classics and legal), as well as Vorleser.net. You should also have a look here https://www.learning-german-online.org/audio-books, and while you're at it, the whole site seems great.

Viel Glück! Ist Deutsch nicht wunderbar?


Read a book in English and German at the same time it helps XD

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