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  5. "치마를 입으면 불편해요."

"치마를 입으면 불편해요."

Translation:Wearing a skirt is inconvenient.

January 17, 2018



In this case wouldn't the mesning be 'uncomfortable' rather than 'inconvenient'?


Personally I feel like it depends on the context. Is it inconvenient putting on the skirt or does it put the person in a situation that makes it inconvenient? If not and we're talking about feeling, it should definitely be 'uncomfortable'

[deactivated user]

    comfortable and inconvenient are the same word in korea. my father-in-law usually asks me if i'm feeling convenient so that's more than likely why they've got 'confused'.


    Why is this 입으면 instead of 입는 것은?


    Also, in my answer I put , "if you wear a skirt" because of the 입으면 in the korean phrase but was marked wrong. Why is that?


    I've heard it used for these sort of blanket statements before, so it's not wrong, but should really accept both.


    Two years after your comment, I wrote, "When I wear a skirt, I am uncomfortable." It was marked wrong. Then I wrote, "If I wear a skirt, it is uncomfortable." It was marked wrong. I reported that my answer should also be accepted.


    The translation makes sense but most learners learn (으)면 as "if" so answers saying "if i/you wear a skirt" should not be incorrect because it all depends on context. Also, since 편하다 is comfortable and convenient is 편리하다 why is 불편하다 inconvenient instead of uncomfortable?


    is 'it is inconvenient if i wear a skirt' acceptable too? The example answer said 'It is inconvenient if you wear a skirt.' ... but it doesn't seem obvious that the speaker is talking to someone else or about themselves


    Yeah, I agree, it doesn't seem obvious that the person is talking about another person.


    I would say it should be uncomfortable, not inconvenient.


    Scottish people disagree


    This seems oddly reminiscent of the earlier skills for clothing...

    [deactivated user]

      wearing a skirt isn't comfortable -__- #


      I am a straight man btw


      This should really be uncomfortable.

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