"Voi aveți băieți."

Translation:You have boys.

January 18, 2018

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is Voi both the singular and the plural 'you'? And in this sentence is aveți plural because 'boys' is plural or 'you' is?

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TU is only the SINGULAR YOU.

VOI is only the PLURAL YOU.

DUMNEAVOASTRĂ is the POLITE YOU, used for both singular and plural. Even when used to address to a single person, the verb has to be in its plural form!

The verb is always conjugated according to the subject. So AVEȚI is plural because VOI is plural.


coto.i - And what is the place of the word "dumneata"?

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DUMNEATA (N., A.*) / DUMITALE (D., G.) is also a POLITE YOU, used only in the singular. The plural is "dumneavoastră" from the above comment, which can also be used for a single person. "Dumneavoastră" is more polite than "dumneata".

There are also third person POLITE pronouns:

  • DUMNEALUI (he), with the plural DUMNEALOR (they) --- N., A., D., G.

  • DUMNEAEI (she), with the plural DUMNEALOR (they) --- N., A., D., G.

  • DUMNEASA (he/she, N., A.) / DUMISALE (he/she, D., G.) --- rarely used these days

There are other personal pronouns, sometimes wrongly considered polite pronouns (in the region of Moldova they are used even for animals):

  • dânsul / dânsului (he, N., A. / D., G.)

  • dânsa / dânsei (she, N., A. / D., G.)

  • dânșii / dânșilor (they - all masculine or masculine + feminine, N., A. / D., G.)

  • dânsele / dânselor (they - all feminine, N., A. / D., G.)

*N. - nominative; A. - accusative; D. - dative; G - genitive


No "voi" is only the plural "you" and then "aveți" is plural because "you" is plural


Doesn't this sound like a question?


I thought so, too.


Would "Tu" only be appropriate if the sentence was "Tu ai un baiat?"


No. The important thing is the verb conjugation. "Aveți" - second person plural form of "A avea"

A avea - present tense

Eu am - I have

Tu ai - You have

El/Ea are - He/She has

Noi avem / We have

Voi aveți / You have

Ei/Ele au - They have

One can have more than one boy. Tu ai băieți?


Thank you for the response! Just to clarify, "Tu ai un baiat" still makes sense, though, right? "You have a boy".

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