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"Je vais peut-être dans la mauvaise direction ?"

March 18, 2013



Should it not read....Maybe I am going in the wrong direction....? If the question was 'Am I going in the wrong direction?', then it would be correct to have 'am' before 'I'.


You're right. If you get the sentence again you should flag the English as incorrect.


for me it's perfect, but you can still write > Peut-être que je vais dans la mauvaise direction?

bravo, continue de te perfectionner!


Why do you need the "que"? Why wouldn't you just say: Peut-etre je vais dans la mauvaise direction?


As in SummerSun's statement above the translation in English has the am and I transposed here.


I'm still a beginner, not yet conversational in French, but from what I hear and use here in Québec, you can construct the questions either way. Pronoun then verb, or verb-pronoun are pretty much interchangeable. "Peux-je avoir un sac," or "je peux avoir un sac?" both work to ask if I can have a bag.

Duolingo generally seems to accept the same thing in English, and when it doesn't, I report it.


I said, "Can I be going in the wrong direction?" I got it wrong. How far off am I?


"I might be going in the wrong direction?" sounds far better in English and seems a very valid translation.

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