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Cumulative Streak Freezes?

Feature idea: provide the ability to buy multiple streak freezes at a time to cover for multiple days of absence. To prevent this from being overpowered, perhaps make each streak freeze cost n lingots more than the last for each freeze day you stack on.

January 18, 2018



But that would be too easy to maintain a streak and therefore devalue its worth.


You can already buy indefinite, consecutive streak-freezes, for which the very difficult and challenging task of logging on to DL and buying a new streak freeze is all that is required. So streaks are already devalued so far as this sort of thing is concerned, anyway.

A far more likely reason why the OP's suggestion will never happen is that it would probably substantially decrease DL's revenue from selling users their lost streaks back. If 2/3/4/etc.-day streak freezes were available, everyone would just buy those instead of a 1-day freeze, and far fewer people would complain about having lost streaks.


That's a great idea. I'd definitely find it helpful because sometimes I go tramping or staying in places where I don't have any mobile reception or access to electricity for days on end, and it's impossible to keep my streak.


that would be nice if i feel i'll be away from internet for a bit.


If you use a weekend amulet with a streak freeze and buy a freeze during your weekend off you get 4 days in a row off.


Yes, I feel like this would be a good feature, but I’m pretty sure they will never add it. I feel a bit sad to know that I’m not allowed to go on holidays without loosing my streak. It’s not that important, but the streak means something like being serious in your studies, and me not having internet does not even mean that I’m not practicing, since I write everything on paper ;) (I usually go to remote places) However, I do think that if we do that there have to be some rules. For instance, instead of just building up your freeze time when you have lingots (and ending up with something insaaaane), maybe you could be allowed to do it only the day before you leave? And write a set period of time, during which the whole account would be frozen.

For instance, if I know I’ll not be able to connect at all during next week, I could on Sunday freeze my account until the 29th. And that could be expensive (like 200 lingots), since I don’t plan on doing it too often. Also, I feel like it should still be limited (for instance not more than one month a year, or something like that).

But yes, definitely, in my opinion having a feature like this would be great.


Yeah, my parent's place doesn't have internet. I just started here, but I know that I am going to lose my streak the first weekend I go visit which is kinda sad.

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