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"Don't look out the window all the time."

Translation:Nedívej se stále z okna.

January 18, 2018



"Stále nedívejte z okna" is accepted as a typo of "Stále necivějte z okna." I have a feeling something about that s wrong, but I'm not quite sure what.


Stále nedívejte z okna - should not be accepted as a typo and you are correct, it is. I cannot figure out why. It does need the reflexive SE. Stále SE nedívejte z okna.

On the other hand "Stále necivějte z okna" is correct though rare. CIVĚT is to stare, is not reflexive and is used a lot but has two forms of command form. CIV(TE) or CIVĚJ(TE) (in more common negation NECIV(TE) and NECIVĚJ(TE)). And while NECIV is very common, I had to look up NECIVĚJ to make sure it is a proper form. It is. Why Duo picked that one to offer to you as one of the many possible alternatives is a mystery.


"Civět" is colloquial and expressive way to say the above sentence. It's not very polite and like Kačenka says, used quite rarely.

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