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Latvian course 10 Locative case

[deactivated user]

    Today we are going to learn locative case.

    Kur - where

    1. deklinācija
      -s -> -ā
      Dārzs - dārzā (garden - in garden)

    2. deklinācija
      -is -> -ī
      Šķūnis - šķūnī (barn - in barn)

    3. deklinācija
      -us -> -ū
      Medus - medū (honey - in honey)

    4. deklinācija
      -a -> -ā
      Skola - skolā (school - at school)

    5. deklinācija
      -e -> -ē
      Zāle - zālē (hall - in hall)

    6. deklinācija
      -s -> -ī
      Nakts - naktī (night - at night)

    Vīriešu dzimtē: -i -> -os
    Dārzi - dārzos, šķūņi - šķūņos.
    Sieviešu dzimtē:
    Skolas - skolās, zāles - zālēs, naktis - naktīs.

    Kur tu esi? - Where are you?
    Esmu mājās. - I'm at home.

    Darbs - work
    Dārzs - a garden
    Māja - a house
    Mājas - houses, home
    Skola [skuola] - a school
    Šķūnis - a barn
    Zāle - a hall

    All lessons are here:

    January 18, 2018



    What are the main features of the Latvian language ?

    Just out of curiosity...

    [deactivated user]

      In Latvian, there are letters ā, ē, ī, ū, č, ž, ņ, ļ, ķ, ģ, š, diphtong O that sounds like UO. The accent is on the first vowel or diphtong (usually) but the accents aren't strong.

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      Wow! 'Tu' is 'you', just like in the Romance languages!

      If I didn't know better, I'd say Latvian almost looks like an ancestor of the Romance and Slavic languages! It definitely feels much closer to Proto-Indo-European than other languages - just like its sibling language Lithuanian!

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